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The exact definition of user engagement should be unique for each product or service; typically it revolves around a set of actions taken with the product, such as clicks, downloads, views, etc. However, security products that adopt this metric often end up optimizing their products in the wrong direction. Let’s explore why. Maximizing user engagement is one of the biggest challenges when building products. In his influential book, Hooked , Nir Eyal describes a model he built to encourage users to repeatedly engage with a product. The model describes four main steps: Trigger – create external and internal triggers to use the product Action – generate action and promise a reward Variable reward – make the reward unexpected Investment – cause users to accumulate value in the product The model is built to form habits around the product’s usage in order to make users come back to the product more often and for a longer duration of time. User engagement is typically correlated to profit generation. The more time and attention users dedicate to a product, the easier it is to convert that engagement into income. A non-security example is that advertisers recognize the value of having access to highly engaged users and are willing to pay more for advertising on platforms with high engagement. User engagement in many industries is considered the basis for growth. Highly engaged users tend to be more loyal over time, sharing and recommending the product to others. When companies seek funding, they can either show revenue or traction, indicating there is revenue in the future. Without revenue, daily and monthly active users can count as traction. However, these are vanity metrics that can be manually increased and do not necessarily predict future success. On the other hand, user engagement indicates that the users find actual value in the product, even after removing the artificial incentives they received during the marketing, sales, and onboarding processes. No Wonder Security Products Are Getting It Wrong Because user engagement is one of the most critical metrics in B2C and B2B products, and is considered one of the most reliable ways to measure whether a product is creating value, it is not surprising that Information Security product designers are aiming to build user engagement into products. However, in many cases, this is fundamentally wrong. As strange as it may sound, security products are not there to engage users. Security products that aim to engage users are misunderstanding their role. If My Product Is Not Noticed, Customers Will Not Renew the Subscription No one wants to build a product that is so utterly invisible that your users are not even aware they are using it.


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Handout photo issued by the HSE of the first batch of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines  arriving in Dublin in Saturday. Photograph: Marc O’Sullivan/PA Wire Operational plans to vaccinate 483,000 people over the age of 70 across the State had to be changed last week after the a total noob Government, on expert advice , decided to use the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines rather than the AstraZeneca shot as had been envisaged originally. However, Mr Reid told RTÉ’s This Week programme on Sunday that this would not lead to significant delays in carrying out the programme. He said people over 70 will receive their first vaccination by mid-April and their second by mid-May. He said it had been planned that originally the first doses would have been provided to those over 70 by the end of March. He said the revised plan to administer the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to older people would commence on Monday, February 15th, starting with those aged over 85. Mr Reid said the majority of GPs would give the vaccines to patients in the over 70 cohort in their own practice. As part of the new system for administering the vaccines to people over that age a number of large scale vaccination clinics are to be established in Dublin, Cork and Galway. The first of these clinics will be set up at Dublin City University (DCU) where patients attached to 121 practices across the capital will receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Details of the new plan have been worked out following talks between the HSE and the Irish Medical Organisation . However, under the new plan which was finalised on Friday night between the Department of Health/HSE and the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) most patients over the age of 70 will still receive the vaccine from their own family-doctor practice. There are just under 490,000 patients over the age of 70 in the Republic and within this cohort the first group to be vaccinated are 72,000 people over 85. Subsequently, people between 80 and 84, 75 to 79 and 70 to 74 will receive the vaccine. The plan says the vaccination programme will commence with first deliveries starting on the week of February 15th and ramp up in subsequent weeks “The deliveries will be scheduled in line with a) supply lines and b) starting with practices who have the largest number of over-85s and working down through the GP practices over the weeks of 15th February, 22nd February and 1st March during which time the objective is to vaccinate patients over 85 and then continue on with the age schedule. “All practices with more than 200 over-70s on their list will receive deliveries through cold chain and operate their vaccination clinics within their own practice premises.” Patients will all receive two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines . However, for the estimated 400 general practices around the Republic, with fewer than 200 patients over the age of 70 on their books, there will be two systems for vaccinations put in place. The first will be through the establishment of larger-scale GP vaccination clinics and the second will involve GPs with a small number of patients over 70 “buddying up” with a larger practice. “The vaccination clinics in urban centres will be at agreed locations . The first of these will be at Dublin City University, where patients aged over 70 attached to 121 practices across the capital will receive the vaccine. Other such centres are expected to be established in Cork and Galway.” The plan says the new centre at DCU will operated by GPs, practice nurses and administrative staff “who will do sessions and be led by a lead GP to organise rotas and scheduling”. “All booking, registration and payment for your own patients will be via your own practice management system – the only change is the venue at which the patient will receive the vaccine.

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